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I can say that I was not always happy as a beautician, I started the course at just 17 years old, and my first job was at 18, in one of the largest companies in Brazil, my choice for beauty therapist was always wanting to take care of people, and in this company was my first disappointment in aesthetics, just modelling massage one after the other and a lot of pain in my arms. I was frustrated because my plan was to take care of people, not serve like a robot on a production line.


After taking the technical course in aesthetics I decided to graduate myself in cosmetology and aesthetics to further complement what I had learned. After a few years in the area, I graduated in Acupuncture. Today I no longer work with Chinese Medicine, but I was able to bring theoretical knowledge to my treatments, along with Reiki, having a holistic view of my treatments.


After 10 years in this industry I discovered my real purpose in taking care of people in my profession, in my own space I carry out treatments aiming firstly at my client's health and energy and consequently achieving wonderful aesthetic results.


The body needs care as a whole from the inside out. When something isn't right inside it will reflect on your skin and your energy, so you always need to take care of the whole body.


In addition, today I am an expert in natural cosmetology, using only clean, more natural, not tested on animals and high-tech cosmetics to obtain more results, with we contribute to your skin and also to the environment.

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